Why Build A Website If You Can Build A Portal?

Say bye...bye...to website. Say no more to a homepage. Website is a kid toys. Right here, right now, everybody can have his or her own portal. Portal is no longer a Yahoo toys.

Portal? Yesss. It's eazy to build a portal. If you can or ever build your own homepage, you can build your own portal too. And whatever you need to build a portal, you can get it free. Open Source. And look no further: use eNdonesia 8.5.

eNdonesia 8.5 is a web portal application, content management system, news publishing systems, or whatever you want to name it. It has been developed to enable people build their own internet empire by providing portal for the public, just like what Yahoo has done, and Google want to do.

It's easy to install, use and manage. This will let you focus on delivering content --what ever it is-- to your portal visitor.

Using eNdonesia 8.5, you can build various portal with diverse content as you wish. Its modular approach enable you to extend your portal by adding another module.

There is no demo site for eNdonesia 8.5. Who needs a demo anyway? It's only take a few minutes to install eNdonesia 8.5 and make it work. But if you want to see real live sites, just take a look at this site.

Open Source News

  • Indoplaces Templates for eNdonesia 8.5

    Sunday, January 01, 2012 18:21:43

    We love red. Red is always the color of eNdonesia. Unfortunately, on eNdonesia 8.5 bundle, theres no red template or theme. So here it is, the template that we currently use in this site. The template comes with slidedeck slideshow for frontpage.

  • Iklanbaris 8.5 Meluncur

    Tuesday, December 20, 2011 14:35:37

    Melengkapi kehadiran eNdonesia 8.5, maka diluncurkanlah Iklanbaris 8.5. Pada dasarnya, Iklanbaris 8.5 masih sama dengan pendahulunya. Perubahan yang dilakukan hanya untuk menyesuaikannya dengan eNdonesia 8.5. Semua data mysql lama bisa langsung digunakan. Hanya perlu upload file php-nya saja.

  • Endonesia 8.5 Released - English Version

    Monday, December 12, 2011 11:41:02

    Today we release eNdonesia 8.5, the latest version of eNdonesia 8.x portal script. With this release, eNdonesia can now run on server or hosting with register global off. Another addition is integration of mainpage, left block, rightblock, and menu-ing system into one modul, so it become easier to position various module and text block through out the portal.

  • Levanta Enters German Linux Market

    Tuesday, May 16, 2006 04:23:35

    Levanta, the leader in Linux management, today announced the launch of its international sales program in Germany. Open source solutions provider Millenux has been named Levanta's first German reseller partner in the southern region.

  • Coridan Releases MantaRay 2.0 Under the Mozilla Public License

    Tuesday, May 16, 2006 02:56:04

    Coridan Inc., a leading provider of messaging middleware for enterprises, today announced the release of Version 2.0 of MantaRay under the Mozilla Public License.