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What's New in eNdonesia 8.4

Jumat, 12 Mei 2006 15:20:22
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What's New in eNdonesia 8.4


Now you can put a news or article into several categories.

There is an option to make released date of an article different from the posting date. This enable you to publish old articles.

A new tool, Frontpage Manager, has been added to manage news categories that you want to display on the frontpage of your portal, as well as on the right column. You can also specify how many news to be appeared, and whether it will be accompanied by a thumbnail photo or not.

Send article to friend has been integrated into publisher module.

A new file, publisher_block.php, has been added to display news category on left or right column, just like similar block in the discussion forum module.


You can list a link or URL can be inserted into several categories.

You can create related category for each category.

File katalog_block.php added to display category block on left or right column.

Discussion Forum

No change. Except an addition of PHP generic wordwrap function to wrap too long word.


No changes.

Module Editor

Module editor is a new tool to change the configuration of a module directly from the admin page. You can use it to control where a module block will be appeared: left, right, or center column.


Additional fields have been added to users table to record user registration date and the last login date.

New functionalities to search and sort members by various option.


Userpage module no longer available. Its function taken over by three new modules: content, about, and informasi.

New Modules:

Informasi - module to create info page, product catalog, faq, help, etc.

Content - module to create your portal menu.

About - you can use this module to create your portal profile or your own profile.

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