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eNdonesia 8.3 English Version Released

Senin, 05 April 2004 18:08:18
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eNdonesia 8.3 is a web portal application, a content management system, a news publishing tools, or whatever you want to name it. It's easy to install, and very very easy dan practical to use and manage.

There is no demo site for eNdonesia 8.3. Who needs a demo anyway. Endonesia 8.3 is very easy to install. But if you want to see real operating sites, you can visit, in Indonesia languages, or visit for English site.

What's New

1. The web directory can manage unlimited category.

2. The publisher modules can manage unlimited sub topics. User can submit their own news. News archives can be viewed by year and month.

3. News or articles title linked directly to the article. No more Read More...

4. The Banner Rotator are functional

5. Etc...etc...

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