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eNdonesia 8.3 Indonesian Version Released

Rabu, 12 November 2003 18:20:55
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Jakarta, Indonesia -- eNdonesia 8.3 is a web portal application, a content management system, a news publishing tools, or
whatever you want to name it. It's easy to install, and very practical to use and manage.

To be frankly, this is not an original scripts. Half of this scripts are based on phpWebSite. As we all know,
phpWebSite itself wasn't an original one, but like another php portals are based on phpNuke.

This scripts released because i hate to upgrade to newer phpWebSite (0.8.2.x), and decided to develop
and distribute it under eNdonesia ''brand'' name.

This scripts works fine on Linux Redhat 7.2, Windows XP Pro, Win 98. All using Apache web servers.

There is no demo site for eNdonesia 8.3. Who needs a demo anyway. Endonesia 8.3 is very easy to install.
But if you want to see real operating sites, you can visit, in Indonesia languages, or
visit for English site.


In it's core distribution, eNdonesia 8.3 come with the following tools and modules:

1. Web directory with unlimited subcategory.
2. News publishing system with images or photos illustration. You can upload images as much as you want.
3. Discussion Forum
4. Custome page editor
5. Mainpage or cover editor
6. Polls
7. Random Banner Rotator
8. Tell a friend
9. Contact form
10. Left and right blocks


Other than modules that integrated to the core distribution, there are some module you can install. You can
download these modul from our download page at

1. Gallery (photo/images) module
2. Newsletter/Mailing List module
3. Classified Ads module


eNdonesia 8.3. are open source. GPL. You can use, modify, and so on... free.

If something going wrong with your portal, don't blame me...

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