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Newsletter Module for Endonesia 8.x - Indonesian Version

Senin, 27 Januari 2003 18:28:03
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Today Endonesia release new modules for eNdonesia 8.x open source portal software. The module is a newsletter subscription scripts. Its enable a website to create subscription services for its regluar newsletter.

Newsletter Manager for eNdonesia 8.x
Release: 26 Januari 2003

Adapted from
PHP Multiple Newsletters
Triangle Solutions Ltd

1. Create multiple newsletters
2. Users can subscribe and unsubscirbe themselves
3. Admin facility allows you to edit, delete and list the members of each newsletter.
4. Upload your previous email subscirber list to each newsletter
5. Subscriber can select whether to receive Plain Text email or HTML email
6. Administrators can upload there own HTML and Plain Text emails formats

1. Create new directory, under mod directory. Name it ''newsletter''
2. Edit newsletter_config.php according to your preference
3. Upload all files, except readme.txt and newsletter.sql, to your newsletter directory,
in ASCII mode
4. Insert newsletter.sql to your mysql database
5. Now you can acces your Newsletter management area through Newsletter Icon in
your portal admin page.

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