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Born of eClassifieds

Jumat, 30 Agustus 2002 18:30:52
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Jakarta, Indonesia -- Today Endonesia Dot Com release it's classifieds ads module named eClassifieds. The name came from my uploading error. Actually I just want to name it as classifieds. Unfortunately, because of the error and i had to reupload the file, i had to change it's name.

Using this news module, you can create classifieds ads service on your eNdonesia 8.2 portal. Even, you can use it to create your own classifieds services, by put it on your portal mainpage.

If you are using old version of eNdonesia script, give it a try. I thought i would work fine as well...

Therea two version: - an Indonesian language version, and - the english version.

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