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More Powerfull eNdonesia 8.2

Sabtu, 17 Agustus 2002 18:33:14
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New version of eNdonesia 8.x open source portal software has been released. The new release is more powerfull than the old one as it can maintain web directory with unlimited category.

What's New:

1. Web directory with unlimited subcategory. Category in the main page and in the main directory page displayed in two colums, sorted from top to bottom alphabetically, just like a real portal. Not from left to right like phpWebSite or phpNuke.

2. News publishing system with images or photos illustration. You can upload images as much as you want. Also you can create unlimited subtopics.

3. The amount of articles in the news page can be set. The other articles will go to next page.

3. Articles title linked directly to the article. No more Read More........

4. Random Banner Rotator

5. Date translation to local time

6. Etc...etc...

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