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English version of eNdonesia 8.1 Released

Jumat, 07 Juni 2002 18:36:41
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Jakarta, eNdonesia -- eNdonesia 8.1 is a web portal application, a content management system, a news publishing tools, or whatever you may call it. It's easy to install, and very very easy dan practical to use and manage.

To be frankly, this is not an original scripts. More than 75 percent of this scripts are based on
phpWebSite As we all know, phpWebSite itself wasn't an original one, but like another php portals are based on phpNuke.

This scripts released because i hate to upgrade to newer phpWebSite (0.8.2.x), and decided to develop it
under my own new ''brand'' name. Some new functionalities are added to make this scripts different from the ''mother.''

I hope this release doesn't infringe any copyright or copyleft. If it does, i'm sorry. And to respect all people who had developed phpWebSite, there is credits.txt which contain information about them.

Credits also goes to badguy ( for the forum modul, and Edward Ritter ( for mail form modul. Both modul are made for phpWebSite and had been integrated to this release.

This scripts works fine on OS Linux Redhat 7.2 and Windows XP Profesional. Both using Apache servers.

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