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Let's Make More Colorfull Publishing
By Endonesia
Friday, February 18, 2005 18:07:05 Clicks: 4049 Send to a friend Print Version
eNdonesia 8.3 Update:
Update for Publisher Module

This is an update to make eNdonesia 8.3 looks more colorfull and interesting. Not an update because of bug or vulnerability or whatever some people used to call it.

There are 4 update, all for publisher module.

1. To show thumbnail photo on the frontpage or homepage
2. To show thumbnail photo on the news listing/category
3. To show 'other news' in full article/news page
4. To delete existing photo from publisher.

Just follow the instruction to update your portal. It is very easy. Even you don't have to update your portal if you don't want to.
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