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Coridan Releases MantaRay 2.0 Under the Mozilla Public License
By Endonesia
Tuesday, May 16, 2006 02:56:04 Clicks: 3657 Send to a friend Print Version
BOSTON, Massachusetts, May 15/PRNewswire/ -- Coridan Inc., a leading provider of messaging middleware for enterprises, today announced the release of Version 2.0 of MantaRay under the Mozilla Public License.

MantaRay is an innovative open-source application messaging solution designed to address the continuously changing structure of today's IT environments. MantaRay uses a unique distributed architecture that has helped create a product which is significantly faster and more efficient than traditional systems. Being lightweight, operating systems independent and highly scalable, MantaRay is ideal for heterogeneous, distributed, high-traffic environments, helping IT organizations dramatically reduce hardware and operational costs.

Coridan extends it's commitment to the open source community by releasing MantaRay 2.0 under the Mozilla Public License (MPL). This license provides software developers and system architects greater flexibility in integrating MantaRay into their own solutions. MantaRay is the first and only open-source, distributed messaging middleware solution that enables extreme messaging performance while offering a very simple integration. With the MPL license, other open source projects can easily embed MantaRay, thereby leveraging the attributes of Coridan's unique technology.

In addition to the license change, MantaRay 2.0 includes security hooks that have been added to enable pluggable implementation of authorization and authentication modules, a dead-letter destination queue and enhanced JCA implementation for easy integration with application servers and legacy systems.

''This is an important milestone for software developers as well as for Coridan'' said Sharon Azulai, president and CEO of Coridan. ''MantaRay 2.0 is Coridan's greatest contribution to the open-source community. After more than three years of development we decided that MantaRay is ready to be the messaging system of every enterprise. One of our primary objectives is that leading open-source projects, such as Spring and Mule, will use MantaRay as the underlying messaging middleware. The flexible license enables other solutions to easily embed MantaRay at both the legal and the technological levels. Based on Coridan's innovative embedded distributed technology, MantaRay 2.0 represents a huge step forward for the enterprise software industry, underlying our commitment to be The Data Delivery Company.''

About Coridan

Coridan is a leading provider of software and services that integrate and deliver data anywhere, instantly. Based on MantaRay, an open-source, server-less, distributed messaging infrastructure, Coridan's highly scalable suite of solutions allows companies to integrate application data across the extended enterprise from the desktop to company-level applications, while offering greater performance than any traditional messaging system. Founded in 2003, Coridan is managed by a group of high tech veterans with many years of experience in providing world-class software infrastructure products to global 2000 companies.

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