• How Ads in Right Column ?

    Jumat, 29 Januari 2010 01:26:20
    5393 klik
    Oleh : irene

    How can i make a banner or put ads by Google in the right column (under Explore) of the website. Which php- file i have to added?
    thanks for your reply..

  • Change Font (lettertype)

    Kamis, 28 Januari 2010 07:31:28
    5131 klik
    Oleh : irene

    Is it possible to change the font (lettertype) and size, from the content which is displayed in de middle of the website? And if yes, how can I change this?
    thanks.. (f.e. see

  • Design Web Themes and Web Templates with New Wiki

    Jumat, 25 April 2008 16:06:27
    6194 klik
    Oleh : Anusonia

    ThemesWiki.org is a new website designed to provide users with comprehensive, free guides for designing Web Themes and Templates. This site intends to ease the web design process by providin...

  • Adding Adsense !

    Jumat, 06 April 2007 21:53:22
    5712 klik
    Oleh : bledileka

    Hello !
    How i can add adsnense code ?
    When i add it, it doesnt shows anything, just blank space. I added the code in Right block or in main site article but i doesnt work.
    Can u...

  • eNdonesia 8.4 in blue

    Jumat, 09 Februari 2007 16:11:35
    4607 klik
    Oleh : jefreyw

    Please look at this eNdonesia 8.4 in blue, then give me a suggest and critics.

    ht tp://iklan.interiork antor.com

    T hank you friends...

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