eNdonesia 8.7

What Is?

  • Why Build A Website If You Can Build A Portal

    Say bye...bye...to website. Say no more to a homepage. Website is a kid toys. Right here, right now, everybody can have his or her own portal. Portal is no longer a big boys toys.

    Portal? Yesss. It's eazy to build a portal. If you can or ever build your own homepage, you can build your own portal too. And whatever you need to build a portal, you can get it free. Open Source. And look no further: use eNdonesia 8.7

    eNdonesia 8.7 is a web portal application, content management system, news publishing systems, or whatever you want to name it. It has been developed to enable people build their own internet empire by providing portal for the public, just like what Yahoo has done, and Google want to do.

    It's easy to install, use and manage. This will let you focus on delivering content --what ever it is-- to your portal visitor.

    Using eNdonesia 8.7, you can build various portal with diverse content as you wish. Its modular approach enable you to extend your portal by adding another module.

    This php scripts works on any operating system, including Linux or Windows, as long as they have Php (PHP 7 recomended) and MySQL. More better, on Apache web server.

    There is no demo site for eNdonesia 8.7. Who needs a demo anyway? It's only take a few minutes to install eNdonesia 8.7 and make it work. But if you want to see real operating sites, just take a look at this site. Or visit our other portal: www.indoplaces.com dan www.cempung.com.

    On its first release, eNdonesia 8.x was developed based on phpWebSite. The scripts released because in that time I hate to upgrade to newer phpWebSite (0.8.2.x), because there is no upgrade tools. So, I decided to re-develop and distribute it under new eNdonesia ''brand'' name.

    By ongoing and continuous development, more functionalities added. Some made from scratch, and the others by adopting useful function from another open source php script, such as PhpNuke, phpLink, etc.

  • History of eNdonesia 8.x

    eNdonesia 8.7 - September 2017

    eNdonesia 8.6 - no public released

    eNdonesia 8.5 - December 2011

    eNdonesia 8.4 - May 2006

    eNdonesia 8.3 - November 2003

    eNdonesia 8.2 - August 2002

    eNdonesia 8.1 - June 2002

    eNdonesia 8.0 - May 2002

  • Make Friend with Google

    As you could see on our entire pages, eNdonesia 8.7 is very Google friendly. Including Google Adsense.

  • Who Use eNdonesia 8.x

    For a growing list of portal that use eNdonesia 8.x, feel free to take a look at our Open Source Catalog.


  • Modules on Core Distribution

    In it's core distribution, eNdonesia 8.7 come with the following modules and tools:

    • Catalog module, to create web directory with unlimited category, multiple category, and related category.
    • Publisher module, to create online media, also with unlimited category, multiple category.
    • Discussion module, to maintain discussion forum
    • Information module, to create a book like information catalog
    • Content module, to create menu for your portal
    • About module, to create your portal profile or your company profile
    • Galer module, to showcase your photo collection
    • Banner Rotator
    • Tell a friend
    • Contact form

  • More Modules for Your Portals

    Extra Modules

    Other than modules that have been integrated to the core distribution, there are some modules you can install by your own, to extend your portal service or content.

    Available modules:

    • Classified Ads -- coming soon for eNdonesia 8.7
    • And more to come...


  • FAQ

    May I remove 'Powered by eNdonesia 8.x' from the right bottom corner?

    Absolutely Yes.

    May I keep the 'Powered by eNdonesia 8.x' from the right bottom corner? Yes

  • Help

    For common installation problem, please read the installation guide (install.txt) that has been provided in distribution file.

    For another question, feel free to post your question on the support forum.

  • How to Upgrade Your Portal

    Refer to installation guide.


  • Download Now

    eNdonesia 8.7, the core distribution, as well as its extra modules, are downloadable from our project site at Sourceforge.Net -- http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/endonesia/