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Endonesia 8.5 Released - English Version

Senin, 12 Desember 2011 11:41:02
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Cileungsi, Indoplaces -- Today we release eNdonesia 8.5, the latest version of eNdonesia 8.x portal script. With this release, eNdonesia can now run on server or hosting with register global off. Another addition is integration of mainpage, left block, rightblock, and menu-ing system into one modul, so it become easier to position various module and text block through out the portal.

The eNdonesia 8.5 portal script --as always-- can be downloaded at

What's New

  • The mayor upgrade in Endonesia 8.5 is the scripts now works with Register Global Off, as well as other PHP 5 requirements

  • Portal Configuration through admin panel. Various setting that used to configure through config.php file has been moved to this admin tool.

  • Module Block, an admin tool to manage what content to show in various position or block in your portal left, center, or right column

  • Module Block also integrates three other tools that previously exist: mainblock, left block, and right block. The new block functionality also provided with photo upload capability.

  • Template or themes made fully using css and tableless.

    There are 3 templates provided in the downloaded file: one based on previous Default temlate and the other two based on 2 nice templates mady by OS Template ( )

What's Dissapear

  • Polling module has been removed from the main distribution file. Soon we will release polling as independent module

Things To Do

  • Upgrade old modules: iklanbaris etc

  • Create ajax polling module

Dowload eNdonesia 8.5 -

or go directly to

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